Integrated Financial Services Platform

Defending those exploited by the system

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Your financial needs are our priority


Mafori Housing

  • Aim to bridge the gap and provide municipal workers with housing and home improvements
  • Assist government institutions like FLISP with subsidies which they offer to lower income earners

Credit Repair

  • Remove default listings
  • Make repayment arrangements
  • Rescind Administration and Debt Review Order
  • Defend against reckless lending
  • Remove Judgements
  • Provide credit advice
  • Remove prescribed accounts

Virtual distributions

  • Balance out reliance from Sales Agents
  • ¬†Utilize social media platforms to generate sales
  • Online application forms
  • Enhance Mafori Group website


  • Credit score improvements
  • Voice recording agreements
  • Client feedback

Mafori Direct Access

  • Assist our clients to consolidate their multiple policies
  • Short term policies
  • Funeral Schemes

Card Services & Banking Services

  • Distribution channels, Sales agents, Courier services and PEP stores
  • Clients to receive real-time funding
  • Speed Services
  • Avoid overdrawn accounts / Debit Orders
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