Financial Wellness

Signs of Imminent financial DISASTER!


  • Borrowing money from the bank, friends or family to cover the cost of
    monthly expenses and debt repayments.
  • Missing payments on retail accounts, home loan or vehicle finance.
  • Receiving letters of final demand from creditors.
  • Using credit facilities to buy essentials each month.
  • Relationships falling apart, health deteriorating, unable to focus and poor work performance becomes noticeable to superiors and peers due to financial stress.


Garnishee Order

  • Admin Order
  • Debt Review
  • Credit Bureau (Blacklisting)
  • Trans Union
  • Experian
  • Compu-scan
  • XDS


  • Cash advance
  • Challenge illegal garnishee orders
  • Rescind Judgements, Admin order and Debt Review
  • Remove Defaults

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